Si Spurrier And Caspar Wijngaard Create The New Genre Of Teen Monkey Angel Fiction With Angelic, From Image Comics In September

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Si Spurrier and Limbo’s Caspar Wijngaard present your new bittersweet adventure obsession in Angelic. Suitable for ages 11 through 111, the new series will launch from Image Comics this September. And next year be followed by seventy wannabees, filling the shelves of your nearest bookstore, called Monkey Teenangels, Kid Seraphimians and My Blue Teen Monkey Heaven.

Angelic‘s about teenage flying monkeys having adventures in the far future, because that’s totally a genre now,” said Spurrier (like we said). “But in the best traditions of age-friendly fiction—think Pixar or Ghibli—there’s also a bunch of meaty themes beneath the fun: religion, parenthood, technology and responsibility, it’s all in the mix. Ultimately it’s a tale about the Earth—after us. And all rendered in the unmistakably vivid color and crackle of superstar-in-the-making Caspar Wijngaard.”

A unique part of Image’s summer lineup, the creative team summarize this new post-apocalyptic fable as follows:

Winged monkeys! Techno-dolphins! Quantum alleycats! In ANGELIC, humanity’s long gone. Its memory lingers only as misunderstood rituals among mankind’s leftovers: the genetically modified animals they used and abused for eons.

But for one young flying monkey, QORA, the routines are unbearable. All she wants is to explore. Instead she’s expected to settle down, to become a mother…to lose her wings.

ANGELIC is a story of teenage rebellion and animal antics amidst the ruins of civilization, promising to be WALL-E by way of Watership Down.

ANGELIC #1 (Diamond Code JUL170699) will hit stores on Wednesday, September 20th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, August 28th.

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