Report: WWE Working On New Southpaw Regional Wrestling Episodes

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Good news for fans of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the obscure 1980s wrestling promotion whose videocassettes were recently unearthed and aired on WWE’s YouTube Channel. Though WWE at the time claimed that those were the only surviving tapes, and the company presumably went out of business after their Lethal Leap Year pay-per-view event was ruined by the fact that 1987 did not have a February 29th, all the dirt sheets are reporting that WWE is filmi… er, we mean, has unearthed more video cassettes and is working on cleaning them up for release. No word on what those tapes may contain, which wrestlers are featured, or whether we’ll ever get the blowoff to that Tex Ferguson vs. Chad Too Badd feud, or whether Chett Chetterfield’s wife, Susan, ever called him.

If you haven’t watched the first set of tapes, you can catch up below so you’re up to speed on all the hot angles and storylines before the new tapes are released.

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