The Nerd Dome Podcast Episode 88: Pros And Cons Of The Cinematic Universe

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When I’m not making everyone in our comment sections here mad I’m on a podcast with a bunch of my close friends out here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Every week we get together and talk about the nerd news that has happened over the week, comics, and a topic for the latter half. We are a not safe for work podcast and all of our opinions are our own. We have a good time and we’d love for you to join us.

The Nerd Dome Podcast Episode 88: The Galvanized Batman

This week we had the concept of the cinematic universe on the mind. There are so many of them; the MCU, DCEU, Dark Universe, the Cloverfield-verse, the kaiju-verse, the Arrow-verse, the upcoming Valiant verse, and Sony’s Spider-Man free Spider-Verse. It seems like it’s the only way to tell stories these days. However, not all of them are working out so well so in wake of The Mummy not being great we decided it was time to look at the cinematic universe. What are the pros to telling stories like this? The cons? What are some of these universes doing right that others are doing wrong? How many tries should a universe get to work before giving up?

Charles spends some time trying to explain what the hell is going on in Dark Days: The Forge. We also go over some of the breaking news of the week including the Black Panther trailer, the massive casting announcements with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Kevin Feige commenting on the lack of rivalry between Marvel and DC, a Legends of Tomorrow casting announcement, and Sam talks about Rocket League in our E3 coverage.

Special Guest: Nathan P. Cunningham who jumped in at the last minute when most of the podcast was away or busy this week.

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