MX4D's E3 Showing Wants ESports To Be A Regular Thing In Movie Theaters

MX4D’s E3 Showing Wants ESports To Be A Regular Thing In Movie Theaters

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During E3, MX4D decided to unveil their latest addition to the world of eSports: the Motion & EFX eSports Gaming Theatre. Essentially what these photos are showing you is a full eSports team competing in a studio setting like you would see broadcast on Twitch, only the live crowd are watching it in a 4D theater chair and experiencing the matches the way they would an IMAX film.


Now that may sound a bit odd to some, but let’s add a little context to this scenario. Your average theater patron goes between Friday and Sunday to see whatever blockbuster films are out on the weekend. Monday through Thursday is hit-and-miss, often making theaters look like ghost towns. Some live events companies have been fixing that, but in some outlets the solution is basically like throwing a band-aid over a broken leg. However, MX4D may have the solution to help that out.


The goal of the company would be to set up eSports live competitions in local theaters, complete with the ability to broadcast them out for non-local viewers and present even the smallest qualifying matches to large groups who want to see live eSports competition happening near them with their favorite games. Thereby filling the theaters on the deadest of nights with packed crowds for matches they’d normally only see online.


What’s more, if your theater has a more immersive experience, the audience can experience the game as it happens from the POV of whoever is on the screen. A good example of this was during my time stopping by their booth, watching a group play Overwatch on the big screen. Picture switching to D-Va and having your seat rumble and move as she takes off, or running at the same pace as Soldier 76, or being shaken up as you’re frozen by Mei. That’s a much more interesting take on the experience than just watching them have a match.


Right now there isn’t a solid target date yet, but MX4D is partnering with several teams and companies to bring the Motion & EFX eSports Gaming Theatre to the masses this year. We’d love to be first in line to try it out.

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