Examining The Art Behind ‘The Last Night’ At E3

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Much of the talk about The Last Night coming out of E3 has been mired in controversy. I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole any further than what we’ve already done because everything I would say about how stupid and disgusting the sexism behind it is… has already been said. But also, at a certain point in time, writers and journalists eventually need to talk about the game itself, which is what this post is going to do.

credit//Odd Tales

First off, all the pixilated art that you see in the game is animated to run all at once. What you in the teaser trailer and the footage are not just carefully compiled clips that the designers threw together to make a spectacular image, they are individually animated pieces that can be moved around and interchanged, but were shot from a specific angle to show off the depth and design they were capable of in an animated moment.

credit//Odd Tales

The Last Night may not have had any kind of playable demo on-site at E3, but from what little we were able to see behind the design and the artwork, it’s going to e a visually stunning game as far as pixel art goes. We’ll see how things pan out for the game when we eventually get that official 2018 release date.

credit//Odd Tales
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