Besting The Competition During 'Total War: Warhammer II' Demo At E3

Besting The Competition During ‘Total War: Warhammer II’ Demo At E3

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It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment, and my playthrough of Total War: Warhammer II from SEGA gave me a lovely memory to cap off the day for E3. For this particular demo, everyone was treated to an opening video about the game and then given the first mission to play in a room of about 40 gamers, who all started at the same time.

It was the basic first mission you always get in a game like this: Drive all the people out of a specific land as they send resources your way from different points. So, fairly easy to accomplish for everyone involved.


The game flows a lot smoother than the last game, as well as many others in the genre. You can tell the game was given a swift kick in the backside to run and perform better, which is always a fine bonus to look forward to. The graphics and sound effects were spot-on, though they were very generic as to what was happening in the situation, however, that could be excused for a demo.

At the end, I was the first person to complete the mission with 15 minutes to spare in the demo time. A lovely accomplishment, especially when I saw some others in my row were struggling with a dragon. From what little I played, I could see Total War: Warhammer II was going to be a great addition to the series, as we patiently await the September 28th release date.

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