New Cartoon Network Games Come To E3, Including ‘Steven Universe: Save the Light’

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A lot of the games we see from Cartoon Network properties come to us in mobile app form, and very rarely do we get a proper game console version of anything you see on television. So being able to see not one, but two titles on the way based on network-related IPs is kinda cool.

credit//Cartoon Network

The first of the two was OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes. The show it’s based on has yet to debut on the network, but there’s already a game in development for it that utilises elements from the show’s characters and the world. It plays like an RPG in a way that you take on quests and level up your character by completing the quests. You also have a fighting technique that feels like a battle platformer, and a trading card system that features characters from the show that you can level up and collect. We won’t give any plot details out since the show hasn’t been released yet, but the game plays well, and I believe will complement the show nicely.

credit//Cartoon Network
credit//Cartoon Network

The second, based on the Steven Universe series, is Steven Universe: Save the Light. A successor to the previous app game, this one feels more like a traditional RPG mixed in with a story telling element from the show. It comes across as a Stick Of Truth kind of RPG game, but with more emphasis on choosing what you can do and how it will affect you later in the game. All while keeping true to the show and using as many of the characters as possible — even ones that don’t speak.

Cartoon Network had a decent showing for games this year, and it’ll be awesome to see them come to console soon.

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