Nerd Food: A Mega Fighting Robot Energy Drink!

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Since I have a convention tomorrow, I’m doing the tried and true method of doing everything in the last minute to prepare for the con, like a mega-dumbass. Clearly because of my poor planning, I’ll need a mega energy kick! Thankfully for me, Mega Man E-Tank energy drink exists. The drink boasts that it’s caffeine free, has loads of vitamin B6 and B12, and will turn me into a fighting robot so I can battle against a myriad of bosses, with a fantastic background score–even in 8 bit mode.

Ok I lied, it didn’t say that. But it did fill me with hope for a bright future of fighting robots. Here’s hoping they’re not Terminators though.

It actually tastes pretty damn good, and woke me the hell up. At a whopping 110 calories I’m not breaking the calorie bank, but it does have 27 grams of sugar (get ready for that incoming sugar rush), which is probably why it tastes so sweet. I tend to eat and drink items that are normally super sugary and high in calories for this column (hence why you get one a week, if we’re lucky) so I’m really vying for the day when I find something healthy with a superhero or pop culture icon on it. Out of all the energy drinks I’ve had, this is easily the best one. If you can find this at your local comic or pop culture shop, pick it up. I paid $3 for mine, but I’ve been seeing it online for upwards of $8. Yikes. I’m also going to be one of those people who cleans the can out so I can save it, since I’m pretty much an uber-mega nerd.

I’m also really sorry for the abundant use of the word ‘mega’. Please forgive me?

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