The Infinite Loop, From Elsa Charretier And Pierrick Colinet Returns In September, With Daniele DiNicuolo


The Infinite Loop by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet is to return from IDW Entertainment.

In 2015, the original series was a love story that transcended “time and space, role and social supposition.” It centred on Teddy, a time traveler responsible for erasing anomalies that result from other time travellers meddling with history, only for her to fall in love with Ano, an anomaly in the shape of a human woman, and the question whether a timestream without a person she’s falling in love with is one that’s worth saving.

In 2017 it returns, with artist Daniele DiNicuolo, to tell the next chapter of Teddy and Ano’s story.


The Infinite Loop: NothingBut The Truth intends to delve into two main themes. Truth, and how politicians across the world with politicians distorting reality to their own advantage, using fear and lies to raise people against each other – and the rampant problem of drug addiction in the poorest states in the USA.

Since the original, Charretier has found greater fame with Marvel’s Unstoppable Wasp, Harley Quinn and DC Bombshells. Could that bring a new audience to the new comic – and the original in collected form?

The new series starts in September 2017 and will be listed in the next Diamond Previews.


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