Brie Larson And Patty Jenkins Continue The New Marvel/DC Love Fest

"Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!" – Dr. Peter Venkman


Okay, it may not be that dramatic; but it's weird to see the sudden love between Marvel and DC. Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige joining together to honor Richard Donner seems like it was only the first step. Now, since Wonder Woman, actors and directors are openly complimenting each other. James Gunn was excited for Wonder Woman, and Scott Derrickson was, too.

And now Marvel's first lead heroine, Captain Marvel Brie Larson, is calling out the director of DC's female lead blockbuster, Patty Jenkins:

This is far from the Marvel vs DC vitriol fans have come to expect. What's next? Dan DiDio and Joe Quesada doing a book together?

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