Spike Trotman On Why She Doesn’t Want To Draw Batman And Robin


Appei Porbeni interviewed Spike Trotman, publisher of Iron Circus Comics, about her publishing plan for Black Nerd Girls — and dropped several killer quotes. Here are a couple:

“A lot of fame is reliant on publicity, and that publicity comes from large companies or publishers who have access to the outlets to push your work to the mainstream. However, in comics this fame comes with a price because it often means you’ll be working on stuff that you don’t own, for example, if you write for Batman, you’ll have your name attached to a huge project, but in ten years you’ll only be known as ‘that guy that once wrote for Batman.”

“I can remember being sixteen and the artists’ alleys of comic conventions that I went to would just have elderly guys drawing pictures of Batman and Robin and selling them to help pay for their nursing home bills because they’d spent thirty plus years building somebody else’s body of work and not having any intellectual property attached to their own names. I didn’t want that to be me, I wanted to own my cool and have my own body of work that I could sell.”

And that she has. Read the whole interview, which includes many things that don’t include Batman, here.

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