Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding Will Not Be At E3, Surprising No One

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In a move that nobody will find shocking in the slightest, video game developer Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter to confirm that we will not be seeing anything from his new game Death Stranding at E3 this year.

For those of you who are sad at this development, I ask: why? We all knew this was coming. This is what happens to Kojima games. And since this is the first game coming out from his new studio Kojima Productions, of course he wants everything to be perfect.

He will, however, be in attendance at E3. He’s taking part in a panel with Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is trying to bring Metal Gear Solid to the big screen. Their panel will take place at the new E3 Coliseum panel thing they are doing this year on Wednesday, June 14th.


He did, however, share a new teaser poster. The poster is, as always with Kojima, visually striking. I assume it is a reference to the pin that Guillermo del Toro is wearing in the game’s trailer from The Game Awards last year. As pointed out all over the place, the pin in question shows the US map with a spider-web emanating from where Washington D.C. would be with the word BRIDGES across the center and underneath says “United Cites of America.”

The game itself is coming…sometime. At least we know it’ll be out sometime before the world ends (probably). Waiting for Kojima has become just a part of life I have come to grips with. But I love his games so much that I don’t mind. Here are both trailers released so far to watch again, mostly because any excuse I can get to share the one with Norman Reedus is an opportunity I cannot pass up, ever.

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