They Were Filming Justice League Reshoots In Kempton Park Today. But I Got There Too Late.

“You just missed them, mate. They just cleared out…”

I had the tip that the Justice League crew were filming reshoots in Kempton Park, west of London, today. And since I was already on the train in that direction when I got the news, I stayed on it.


Sadly when I got there, the large trucks, vans, people carriers and what not had just skedaddled. So a few impromptu shots were not to be. All that was left were stuff like this…


Reshoots for the movie had been in the news, with Joss Whedon taking on the movie after Zack Snyder had to step down. But whatever they had to do today, they managed to get done in record time.


I probably won’t be hanging out there every morning. But if someone fancies it…

img_20170606_153857267_burst001 img_20170606_154654153

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