Twitch Expands Their “Prime” System To Over 200 Countries

Well, that’s one way to expand a business! Twitch announced earlier today that they’ve officially expanded their Twitch prime service to over 200 countries and territories, many of whom only had limited access to the service. This includes the ability to get a free month of Twitch Prime to any stream you wish when you sign up. The news also comes with plans to work with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for exclusive content.


Starting June 9, Twitch Prime members can get exclusive in-game apparel for PUBG including jeans, a t-shirt, and a balaclava ski mask. The new pricing for the countries that have just been able to join is $2.99 for the first six months of service, then jumping to $5.99 for their account afterward. One of the major benefits of the system is that it’s ad-free, so to the few people who still want Twitch to make money while providing you free content and not using ad-blocking software, there’s now an option. Here’s a brief quote from Twitch about the expansion.

“Twitch Prime has grown dramatically since it was first introduced in September of 2016 in North America and Western Europe because it helps broadcasters attract subscribers, game developers reach more customers, and viewers get free digital loot, while helping to support their favorite channels,” said Ethan Evans, SVP of Commerce and Developer Success, Twitch. “Given its success, parts of our global community have been asking when it would be available in their regions. That day is today.”

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