Nintendo Is Hosting A Pokemon Direct Tomorrow

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Despite having their own E3 programming, as small as it might be, Nintendo is going to be sharing some Pokemon news ahead of the show. They’ll be hosting a Pokemon Direct tomorrow morning at 10 am ET.

The only details about the presentation is that it’ll run for a total of 8 minutes and feature some “Pokemon news.” So this could be a lot of things, from the third game in the Sun and Moon saga, called Pokemon Stars to new content for Pokemon Go, but most are placing their bets on Stars.


Nintendo has been teasing us with star-themed content lately, which has just about everyone convinced that Pokemon Stars is immenent. In fact, the only thing about Pokemon Stars that’s up for debate is which platforms it will run on. All of the major Pokemon titles have been handheld, so seeing Stars on the 3DS is a given. But will it also appear on the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s latest console does bridge the gap between home and handheld console systems, so it wouldn’t be a major jump logistically. It would just be a historic move for a Pokemon RPG to hit on hardware that isn’t a dedicated handheld system. Pokemon games being handheld only titles has been one of the few things we could always predict when it comes to Nintendo, but Stars may change that.

And we just might find out about it tomorrow.

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