Watch "The Otto Family" Sneak Peek Of Next Week's Fear The Walking Dead

Watch “The Otto Family” Sneak Peek Of Next Week’s Fear The Walking Dead

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With two episodes of the third season of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead behind us, we’ve now had our first exposure to the Otto clan and their Broke Jaw ranch. A survivalist militia that was building up arms it seems before it was vogue (and definitely long before the zombie outbreak), they’re definitely not much for outsiders.

Jake spent some time studying constitutional law on the East Coast, and as happens so often with folks who leave a small community and get exposure to the wider world, their perspectives will tend to have changed. In the scene from next week’s episode we get a sense of the difference of approaches between Jake and patriarch Jeremiah and Jake’s younger brother Troy. Jake wants to find out who brought down the helicopter and then decide how to proceed, while Troy would sooner find out who he can deliver payback to.

Jake tells his audience, “We can’t afford to lose ourselves. We’re more than a mob.” All the while Troy is rolling his eyes – smelling every bit the guilty party himself, but has some scapegoat already picked out.

So our leads have found themselves a new place of possible safety, but at what cost.

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