In Box Office Estimates, Wonder Woman Has Passed The $100 Million Opening Weekend Mark


On the strength of critical acclaim and positive word of mouth, Wonder Woman has become the third movie in 2017 to top $100 million domestically in its opening weekend, behind only Beauty and the Beast and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In April, before Warner Bros had begun putting any serious effort into marketing the movie, it was tracking for an $80 million, but a month later, following the start of an explosive advertising campaign that included a Times Square takeover, projections had jumped to $105 million or higher, before settling on $95 million in the past week (though Warner Bros has maintained lower expectations, preferring to underpromise and overdeliver). But by yesterday, a strong Friday performance had bumped the projection up to $98 million, as the $100 million milestone moved ever more within reach, until finally:

Congratulations to Patty Jenkins, now the record-holder for best domestic opening ever for a female director, as well as Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and everyone involved for a fantastic debut. And kudos to Warner Bros, for showing that you don’t need to first make 19 male-centric, male-directed superhero films in your shared cinematic universe before you can finally make one starring a woman, like certain rival movie studios whose names we won’t mention.

Now, who’s up for heading out today to see Wonder Woman a second time?

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