RUMOR: 'The Punisher' To Stream In November?

RUMOR: ‘The Punisher’ To Stream In November?

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The buzz for The Punisher is started to heat up. We had an actor that tweeted a picture of a poster which was eventually taken down from social media. We know virtually nothing about the series aside from the cast and that it’s due by the end of the year. We might have some new information though. Director Dearbhla Walsh was talking to The Hollywood Reporter about directing the last two episodes of Fargo and let this little nugget of information sneak through.

From Tudors to Penny Dreadful, you’ve directed a lot of television that has aired stateside, but was this your first time crossing the pond, as it were, to direct episodic TV?

One other time that hasn’t been aired yet, which was an episode for the new Marvel series The Punisher, which I did just before Christmas, but it’s not airing until November. I directed that in New York and edited in L.A., but this was my first directing experience in lovely Canada.

This lines up with about what people have been predicting for a release date. The time frame was “late October to early December” and it wasn’t likely going to be later than that. That also means we’re going to get a nice Marvel/Netflix panel at New York Comic Con in early October. The last time there was a Marvel show with that sort of release date they screened the entire first episode for the audience. It got Jessica Jones a lot of buzz and it could work for The Punisher as well. Does it mean they will? Who knows. We’ll have to see in October and what they announce at Comic-Con International and D23 in July.

This has not been officially announced in any way so we don’t know if this is the case for sure but would male sense with the timeline Netflix and Marvel have been setting up for their shows.

The Punisher will be created by Steve Lightfoot and will star Jon Bernthal, Jason R. Moore, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Michael Nathanson, Jaime Ray Newman, and Ben Barnes. It will stream to Netflix sometime in 2017.

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