Twitchcon Tickets Officially Went On Sale Today

Twitch made the announcement this morning that tickets have officially gone on sale for Twitchcon, and depending on where you are in life with budgeting, you may not be able to attend this year if you could afford last year. Single day passes have jumped up by $50 across the board, while three-day passes have been raised at least $30.


The pricing guide for tickets this year for regular/on-site pricing goes as follows: 3-Day Pass + party $179/$199. Friday only — $89/$109. Saturday only + party — $109/$129. Sunday only — $89/$109. For a lot of fans who went last year on the cheap, that’s a swift kick in the wallet. It should be noted that the increase comes because the “party” ticket pricing is no longer a separate fee, as it is bundled in with a Saturday and 3-day pass. Also, Twitch is no longer offering the more expensive industry track. They’ll still have one, but it will be available to all ticket holders.

The company has also set up a system for hotel booking for the event and ticket buying on their website. Twitchcon is set to run October 20-22 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California. Here’s a little more info on the con and travel for talent and guests, sent out this morning from Twitch.

In addition to ticket ordering information, details on how to submit entries for the Talent Show are available on the Twitch blog. Last year’s successful show secured the place of performing artists on Twitch, featuring acts in theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic, and art. This year, we will be featuring an even more open call for acts, removing categorical restrictions and opening the showcase to any creator who has regularly streamed to Creative on Twitch. In order to apply for consideration, performers must submit a video audition which will be reviewed by a selection panel. Selected performers will be featured live on the main stage at TwitchCon 2017, as well as receiving free convention admission with a travel stipend.

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