The Cosplay Of Phoenix Comicon 2017 In 150 Shots

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From Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30):

Cosplay at Phoenix Comicon had a slow start this year. On Thursday, a man planning to attack the convention was identified and arrested. This led to a cosplay prop ban, increased security at every entrance, and restrictions on the sale of prop weapons. This in turn led to a major prop vendor falling out with the convention. With all of that going on, a lot of the cosplayers chose to leave their more elaborate outfits at home on Friday.

However, by Saturday the all-out prop ban had been moved back to a prop weapon ban and the security checks (while still thorough) were moving much more quickly. Assembled here is a gallery of 150 cosplay photos taken across the first three days of Phoenix Comic Con 2017.

All photos taken by SaraJean Greenaway.

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