DC Comics Vs BBC International Over Flash Lights

Posted by May 26, 2017 Comment

BBC International is not the broadcasting company we know and love, but a footwear firm.

Previously, they had run up against Marvel Comics over BBC’s attempts to trademark the black silhouetted image of a spider for their footwear products and, after much to-and-froing, abandoned their claim.

But as a result, they became a licensor to Marvel Comics, selling character-based shoes (as long as they’re not X-Men or Fantastic Four, obviously).


Could something similar happen with their next battle? Attempting to register the words “Flash Lights” and this image for new shoes…



… they have been challenged by DC Comics, who might see a similarity with one of their own trademarks, as modelled by a representative of Warner Bros.


Could this be the start of another beautiful trademark friendship?

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