Miami Police Arrest The Joker For Carrying A Concealed Weapon

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CBS local news reports the arrest of a self-styled Joker by Miami police. The arrest happened on Tuesday in the evening, after police received reports of a man with facial tattoos and green hair pointing a gun at passing cars.

The 29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan was arrested after an officer reportedly found a Smith & Wesson .380 in one of his pockets,  charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

However he told the news, after he was released on $5000 bail paid by his family that he was not waving any such gun. “If I was waving a gun, yeah, I will admit it. I was not waving a gun. Did I have a gun in my pocket? Yes and I want to be safe”. He also states “I was treated like a celebrity inside. I was on the psych floor cause I take medications.”

On each of Sullivan’s cheeks, he has a tattoo that looks as if his mouth has been split ear to ear and then stitched back together. The word “Joker” is tattoed on the right side of Sullivan’s forehead while the left side has a tattoo of The Batman logo with the words “F-ck Batman” on the wings and dagger piercing the bat’s heart. And the words “Ha, Ha, Ha” are tattooed below his right eye.

He also performs on YouTube, often brandishing firearms and getting tattoos.

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