There’s Even More Ultimate Universe Around Today Than We Thought (X-Men Blue And Iron Man Spoilers)

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool brought attention to the amount of Ultimate Universe characters currently running around the Prime Marvel universe, ramping up ahead of Ultimates2 #100 in August.

But it turns out there may be more than we thought.


We have The Maker pretending to be the Prime Mister Fantastic to The Thing in today’s Infamous Iron Man, and he might have gotten away with it too, if he wasn’t in his Maker costume on the cover of the issue.


And over at X-Men Blue, we get a new member, the Ultimate Wolverine Son, Jimmy Hudson and a reminder that the young X-Men made the Ultimate trip…


But there’s more. Final page spoilers anyone?

Oh, we knew. Looks like there’s an underground railroad of refugees from the now-destroyed Ultimate Universe.


You know, if Marvel did want to do a political storyline again, the Marvel Universe dealing with a lot of parallel versions of its own citizens turning up, after leaving a world almost exactly like it… you know, I’d read that.

X-Men Blue #4 and Infamous Iron Man #8 are published today.



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