FFXV’s May Update Gives You Stinky Tofu And Wants To Know Which DLC You Want To See Next


Square Enix’s massive hit, Final Fantasy XV, has been working as a live-game for some time now, and the May update that hit last night is no different. The May update includes some new vanity items for Noctis as well as a recipe for “stinky tofu” which, yeah, I’m just not going to touch that. The recipe was included based on player suggestions from Taiwan.

Noct’s new outfit is pretty classy considering some of the things we’ve seen him wear. I’m still jealous that I won’t be able to get that stupid Cup Noodle hat, tbh, but these are some pretty sweet threads all considered. And they’re free through the Xbox and PlayStation stores on May 30th.

The tofu, I could probably live without.

Oh, and also included in the update is a survey. Kind of a weird inclusion, but we’ll take it. All Games Delta made the find earlier today saying, “Also as part of the update, the development team has created an in-game survey available today until next month’s update for players to provide feedback on future game updates and DLC.”

credit//All Games Delta
credit//All Games Delta

The options for new content range from improved Armiger abilities, to new playable characters like Lunafreya and Cor, to story content like Ifrit’s Betrayal and The World of Ruin. Players are tasked with choosing the content that they would most like to see added to Final Fantasy XV in future updates, with those items that receive many votes being included.

Voting ends at the end of June, so you have some time to decide just what content you want to see in the game next.

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