Far Cry 5’s Key Art Lacks Subtlety And Just Seems Lazy


Today Ubisoft put out the first piece of Far Cry 5 key art. The image, shown above, shows off the characters we can expect to see in the newest Far Cry sequel and includes a few hints at what the game’s story might be.

As previously announced, Far Cry 5 will be set in Hope County, Montana, but the setting looks far less peaceful than the picturesque county. The art is very clearly based on da Vinci’s Last Supper and focuses on what we can assume are Far Cry 5‘s villains surrounded by weapons, religious symbols, and a prisoner very clearly labelled ‘sinner.’


The background shows off the gorgeous mountain ranges of Montana but with a side helping of burning buildings, bi-planes, and a church with it’s own flag above the American stars and bars.

Really though, it’s the flag draped across the cement wall that’s currently serving as the “table” for this villainous last meeting that should give us a hint. The symbols that have taken the place of the stars on the American flag match the symbol on the flag by the church, so this is very clearly a religiously motivated group who have thoroughly entrenched themselves in the area.

It’s also worth noting that every character included in this piece is white. And with those beards, well, some of these guys look like they belong on Duck Dynasty, which just feels kind of insulting, doesn’t it?

After the whole “Bolivia is run entirely by drug cartels” backdrop for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, having Far Cry 5‘s villains be a group of American religious types just seems lazy. Maybe I’m wrong, and reading this key art incredibly poorly, but I don’t think I am. This image lacks subtlety and just seems exploitative.

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