Oh, So That's How ABC's Roseanne Series Is Going To Resurrect John Goodman's Dead Character

Oh, So That’s How ABC’s Roseanne Series Is Going To Resurrect John Goodman’s Dead Character

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It was just a few days ago when we first reported that ABC was going to bring back the bulk of the cast from their long-running hit comedy series, Roseanne. Now there’s been some news coming out on how they’re going to deal with the small point of John Goodman’s character having been revealed in the final episode to have died back during the prior season.

Overall it’s straightforward enough – they’re going to just pretend that that little reveal in the finale never happened. It was a surprise twist in any case; back in season eight, Goodman’s character of Dan had a heart attack, but survived and life went on. Only in the final episode it’s revealed that he actually didn’t survive, but rather passed away. Everything from that point onward had been in Roseanne’s head. It’s really very much a combination of St. Elsewhere and the first season of American Horror Story. But in this case since the show had generally been relatively light-hearted comedy, not only was it a shock to have that twist in there, but also out of the show’s general character. By going back and taking that scene out of the picture, it clears up the path for the actors to all return in full force for their 2018 mid-season premiere date for an eight-episode “limited series”. And these days we know full well that “limited series” is studio speak for “we’ll spend a little bit on it, and if it gets enough ratings, we’ll bring it back in full”. Just ask the X-Files crew.

The show will feature Roseanne Barr as the Conner family matriarch, Goodman as her husband, and co-stars Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson. Sarah Chalke, who played Goranson’s character, Becky, in later seasons, will appear in another role, ABC said.

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