Not One But Two Chinese Social Media Backlashes Over Wonder Woman Movie

Posted by May 19, 2017 Comment

This first post by DC Films on social media giant Weibo, aimed at a Chinese audience, promoted Wonder Woman with a translation of the phrase “With great power must come great responsibility”

Naturally, this sent both Marvel and DC fans into a tizzy over their appropriation of Spider-Man’s well-established catchphrase


Lesson learned? Well, a subsequent post was targeted at women as China approaches a Valentine’s Day-equivalent celebration, which encouraged ladies to “go to the beach and find a boyfriend”.

Again, causing an outcry from fans who saw it as disrespectful, not very Wonder Woman, and kicking off a response to “go to the beach and skip the movie”.


Both posts have since been pulled due to the backlash….

(Last Updated May 19, 2017 8:53 am )