Comic Stores To Change Their Logos For Hydra Takeovers In June

Posted by May 19, 2017 Comment

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s some pretty serious promotion planned for certain comic book stores to become “Hydra-ized” in celebration of Secret Empire.

Just as in Secret Empire, the United States Of America has been transformed by Hydra into a fascist state with many of its familiar elements changing — and introducing Hydra Youth — so participating comic book stores will also be transformed to promote the series.

We’ve seen the T-shirts staff will be wearing. But in talking to a non-participating retailer, I heard that those who are will change their own store logos to be more Hydra-like. Change or name? Change of font? Skulls everywhere? I don’t know.

Conceivably, could we get Forbidden Hydra, Hydratown Comics, Golden Hydra or Hydraworld Comics?

Regardless, local signmakers could be in for a boom in business soon.

Just remember, looking at those Hydra logos…

(Last Updated May 19, 2017 1:28 pm )