Human Connections Keep Us Human – Arrow Episode Recap

This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Missing







I think it was obvious to most everyone that Adrian Chase allowed himself to be captured at the end of the previous episode. So it should've come as no surprise to anyone when members of Team Arrow started to disappear. Though having Rene disappear before his hearing was a good move. And having Quentin Lance be the one to remember that it's Oliver Queen's birthday is a nice reminder of how far the two characters have come since season one. It was a nice moment to see the team… or at least those who hadn't been abducted yet… having a moment of celebration. And a nice shout out to artist Lord Mesa with the birthday cake and the 6 to celebrate a sixth season. And Olicity shippers had to be happy about the sexual tension between Oliver and Felicity… even if she calls out shippers a few minutes later with Curtis.

Breaking Black Siren out of ARGUS was an interesting move. It forced the moment between Earth-2 Laurel and Quentin that didn't happen the first time she appeared. But it also sets up something for the future. She tells Quentin that Prometheus has promised not to hurt him if she helps. As emotional as seeing her is for him… you have to wonder what seeing him is for her. Katie Cassidy will be back as Black Siren in season six, but will it be as a villain? Will Quentin be able to reach her the way Oliver couldn't?

And at this point… seriously… how does Malcolm Merlyn keep getting into the bunker? It's kind of interesting that the new team Oliver is putting together consists of the villain from season one, the villain from season two and the daughter of the villain from season three. The whole series comes full circle. That first glimpse of Malcolm was cool. As was the first glimpse of Nyssa… but the first look at Slade Wilson was a full on "Oh Yeah" moment.

And the flashbacks seemed a little heavy handed with a drug that makes Oliver relive all of his injuries, hence recapping all the flashbacks… but it was still cool to see and to have the return of Yao Fei. And now Oliver has one last thing to do in the flashbacks… kill Konstantin Kovar, again.

I think the theme for this whole season could be summed up in the one Malcolm line: "Human connections are what keeps us human." Prometheus has been trying to show Oliver that the people around him suffer because of his choices. But Oliver doesn't do well on his own and would make horrible choices if it wasn't for the people around him. I can't wait to see how they wrap up not only the season, but the five year arc.

It seems only fitting that the big battle at the end of season five take place on Lian Yu, where everything started. Also, to bring back Deathstroke and make him an Green Arrow team up is a great move. Plus, you have to feel good for the people of Star City to get a may without them all being in danger. Plus you have some good match-ups with Dinah vs Laurel, Oliver vs Adrian and Talia vs Nyssa. Should be a lot of fun.

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