Ubisoft Won't Be Releasing That Avatar Game Any Time Soon

Ubisoft Won’t Be Releasing That Avatar Game Any Time Soon

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During yesterday’s Ubisoft earnings call, they offered an update on their major releases for the next two years, which included a new Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5, among others. What they didn’t include was an update on that Avatar game from Massive Entertainment, which is based on the James Cameron movie and not the Nickelodeon TV show. Pretty sure I’d prefer a video game of M. Night Shamalyan’s The Last Airbender over a game of James Cameron’s Avatar, but I’m not the one making these calls.
In a statement provided to IGN, a representative for Ubisoft confirmed that there are no plans to release the game well before the release of Avatar 2. According to Ubisoft, the new Avatar game “won’t be released before FY21,” or fiscal year 2021. Given Ubisoft’s financial calendar, that means the Avatar game will not be released until April 1, 2020 or later. So they’re planning to time it around the release of the second Avatar film.
I’m not even going to bother with joking about this, since the punchlines for anything involving the Avatar sequels just write themselves. I’m just going to give you this statement Ubisoft gave IGN and let you write your own jokes.”Avatar is one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment brands. Our first game was profitable and we have great plans for the new one, with a very strong studio and engine. The movie will be released end of 2020, so our game won’t be released before FY21.”At least for now, it looks like Ubisoft is actually serious about giving us an Avatar video game made by Massive Entertainment, who developed Ubisoft’s The Division. They announced the game back in February by giving it a fancy announcement trailer.That announcement trailer is below, if you’d like to take another look at the game no one asked for but Ubisoft and 20th Century Fox seem determined to give us.


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