What The Serpent Society Means In Today's Secret Empire #2 - And X-Men Gold (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)

What The Serpent Society Means In Today’s Secret Empire #2 – And X-Men Gold (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)

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The new X-Men Gold #4 sees a few of the mutant members up against the Serpent Society. They don’t take the encounter that seriously.


I mean, look, they’re even trying to steal money bags with dollar signs on them. Seriously.

Originally Captain America villains, their first appearance as the Serpent Squad with the Viper, the Eel, and Cobra saw them planning to ruin Captain America’s reputation using false advertisements.


They tried to persuade people that Captain America was someone he wasn’t. Funny that.

Because the Serpent Society make another appearance today which may be taken more seriously. In the final pages of Secret Empire #2. In an unnamed location – unless it is a double meaning on the word hope, both a word used by the unnamed collective narrator to tie in with previous uses in the issue and an indication of where this scene is happening. Or even the embodiment of an ideal as a young woman being pursued by serpents. Through a forest.

Is this a Garden Of Eden, full of trees of knowledge? Loss of innocence, a grim and dark future, what information could be imparted?


And a figure emerging, not from the ice, to defend hope…


It’s not Hydra Cap…image-35

It’s Hipster Cap! Or Lumberjack Cap! Or just plain old Steve Rogers.

Because if Kobik restored the Hydra Cap, which kicked off the whole fuss… where did the other Cap go?

Secret Empire #2 by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino is published today.

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