Project Cars 2 Unveils "Built By Drivers" Video Series With McLaren's Chris Goodwin

Project Cars 2 Unveils “Built By Drivers” Video Series With McLaren’s Chris Goodwin

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The McLaren 720S as seen in Project CARS 2
The McLaren 720S as seen in Project Cars 2

Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios definitely haven’t hesitated to let the world know that they’ve got the best racing sim of all racing sims in Project Cars 2. That’s been a core part of the game’s branding since the inception of the original Project Cars. This time around, they’ve taken to making a series of Built by Drivers videos featuring test drivers and designers of some of the cars featured in Project Cars 2.

The first video in the series focuses on the new McLaren 720S and features McLaren’s chief test driver, Chris Goodwin.

The description for the video reads:

BUILT BY DRIVERS – “As Close As It Gets” Featuring Chris Goodwin showcases the painstaking process behind the in-game development of the new McLaren 720S by McLaren’s chief test-driver, Chris Goodwin. As technicians from around the world fly in for one final test-session, it is Goodwin alone who has the final say on the in-game handling of the 720S. Will he sign off? #Builtbydrivers

The McLaren 720S has already received its own debut trailer for Project Cars 2, and you can check it out in action here. Or you can watch the first in the Built by Drivers series of interviews below.

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