Disney To Release 'Kingdom Of Cute' And My Wallet Screams In Pain

Disney To Release ‘Kingdom Of Cute’ And My Wallet Screams In Pain

Posted by May 17, 2017 Comment

Damnit Disney. I love cute things. I love the theme parks. So naturally Disney is releasing a new line of blind box vinylmation toys featuring some of the more iconic park items, and slapped a happy face on them.


I never in my life thought I’d want a Dole Whip figure with a happy face painted on it, but here we are. Personally I think these are awesome. While blind boxes are not my favorite toys in the world (so many duplicates!) I would buy the hell out of these, since frankly I want all of them. I’m a huge Haunted Mansion geek, so I’m pleased to see a gargoyle in the collection. Of course you can’t ignore the rest. The Space Mountain and People Mover figures are great. The Mint Juleep and Corn Dog are uh, there. The Sleeping Beauty castle is precious. I’d frankly be happy with any of them, even the food.

The toys will be available at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World beginning June 2.

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