Charles Soule Is In The Wrong Country for The Montevideo Comic Con

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Once upon a time, I went to the wrong hospital for an appointment. Somehow I had mixed them up. Thankfully London bus routes seem to have been designed to join different hospitals to each other, so I was able to hop on a long bus ride and get a later appointment. I also once got on the wrong train after a few drinks in London, fell asleep and instead of ending up at suburban London area Putney, I found myself at the coast, in Brighton.

Comic book writer Charles Soule always has to go one better. On his way to Montevideo for a comic con event this seems to have happened.

For those of you geographically challenged.


But how did this occur? We are still mystified but Soule provides a little context…

Hang in there, Charles! You’ll get to the right country soon!

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