Billy Crudup Reportedly Bolt From 'The Flash' [UPDATED]

Billy Crudup Reportedly Bolt From ‘The Flash’ [UPDATED]

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billycrudupUPDATE 1:37PST: Multiple sources including the original EW article and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that that Crudup has not dropped out as originally reported.

The Flash is really having a rough time. While the reports going around yesterday were promising in that the three directors listed would be great choices in their own way they now have another set back. According to Entertainment Weekly actor Billy Crudup has reportedly left the ailing superhero project. Crudup is supposed to to play Barry’s incarcerated father Henry Allen and is even shown in the Justice League trailer (pictured left).

Justice League is currently in the midst of extensive rumors concerning reshoots but if Crudup has left there are three ways DC/WB could address that scene in Justice League:

1. They could cut the scene entirely despite the fact that it was in trailer (scenes from trailers often don’t make it into the final project).
2. They could quickly recast and then reshoot the scene before the November release date. It’s likely that Crudup only had one or two scenes in Justice League.
3. They could leave the scene in, recast, and then never address it Edward Norton/Mark Ruffalo style.

The Flash is slated for a 2020 release date but they currently have no director and latest reports indicate it is going to a “page one re-write” of the script.

Justice League will be released on November 17, 2017

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