It All Comes Together – Agents Of SHIELD Season Finale

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD season finale – World’s End







The fourth season finale of Agents of SHIELD did a really good job of tying up all the storylines in some very unique ways. Some things that most people didn’t see coming. This season has been probably the best for the series, embracing it’s comic roots and introducing Ghost Rider, the Darkhold, LMD’s and then a virtual reality world where Hydra took over. It was a series that pushed all of the characters to their limits and brought back a few familiar faces. No one is coming out of this season unscathed.

The plot of the episode was simple. Aida, spurned by Fitz, is furious and wants to turn the real world into a copy of the Framework by setting the world against the Inhumans. She starts by having an LMD of Daisy Johnson shoot General Talbot in the head and get SHIELD put on the most wanted list. But SHIELD is able to recover the Darkhold, which Aida needs. So they use it as bait to get her to come to them.

All of this while Yo-Yo has gone inside the Framework to try and save Mac. She is aided inside by Radcliffe as the virtual reality world starts to disappear. Yo-Yo is hurt at first that Mac didn’t want to come out, but once she meets Hope, she begins to understand. And where she never convinces him to leave his daughter… when she disappears, Mac decides to come back to reality. Radcliffe end sup alone in the framework, watching the sunset and drinking a Scotch just before he vanishes forever.

Coulson’s plan to deal with Aida is a good one. She first appears in a locked room with Fitz and Simmons. The former android turned human takes her revenge out on Simmons before heading off to find Coulson and the Darkhold. Once near Coulson, Aida is shot at by Simmons… turns out the other one was an LMD… the bullets don’t hurt Aida, but they distract her long enough for Coulson to grab her. She’s not afraid because he knows Coulson can’t hurt her… except Coulson made a deal with the Spirit of Vengeance and now the Ghost Rider is in Coulson. Ghost Coulson destroys Aida and the Spirit goes back to Robbie who takes the book and heads off.

Then the team, finally back together, goes off to have food before they are abducted and we get the cliffhanger with Coulson in space.

The episode was strong. The scenes with Ghost Rider and Quake fighting together was so cool that Coulson was mad he missed it. There were hints of the future between Coulson and May, Yo-Yo and Mac, Fitz and Simmons… and maybe even Daisy and Robbie. The Ghost Rider effects were very cool and the episode wrapped things up nicely. Now we have to wonder exactly what deal Coulson made with the Ghost Rider and what the ending is going to mean for season five… which debuts later in the fall after the 8 episodes of the Inhumans.

The series does love giving us a look at a very different setting at the end of the season. Looks like next season is going to be SHIELD in Space!!!!!! (You have to write it that way.)

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