Valiant Staffers Show Off Their Own Worst Super Powers For Secret Weapons #1

Valiant Staffers Show Off Their Own Worst Super Powers For Secret Weapons #1

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Valiant continues to build hype for the new series Secret Weapons,  from Oscar nominee and Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer and artist Raul Allen. Watch them mention that film and that award at every available opportunity.Last week, the publisher released a video trailer showcasing Allen’s David Aja-esque artwork for the new titles and touting the series’ connections to next year’s Harbinger Wars 2 crossover event.The series is notably the first starring turn for Livewire – a machine-wielding technopath and formerly a major supporting character in series like Harbinger, Book of Death, and Armor Hunters – who has been tasked with finding and recruiting a team of Harbinger Foundation washouts with unusual, but perhaps unpractical, superpowers… Like making objects “gently glow” or talking to birds. Livewire, in turn, will have to unlock the new character’s potential as “secret weapons” before they are hunted down by an unseen force in pursuit of their powers. Playing off that premise, Valiant is supplying select stores across the U.S. and Canada with Secret Weapons #1 #WorstPowerEver name tags – “custom-made sheets of promotional stickers” that readers can use to tout their own unconventional powers in stores and online. And, gladly, Valiant has offered up some of their own staff members to demonstrate:



Charlotte Greenbaum, Associate Editor:


Shanyce Lora, Digital Media Coordinator:


Fred Pierce, Publisher:


Jeff Walker, Production & Design Manager:


Andrew Steinbeiser, Marketing & Communications Manager:


Alicia Reines, Intern:

Tag wearers can also single themselves out for distinction online by the tagging @ValiantComics Twitter account and #WorstPowerEver hashtag online. Retailers hoping to obtain tags for their stores can also contact a Valiant rep at to participate.

Secret Weapons #1 by Eric Heisserer, Raul Allen, and Patricia Martin goes on sale June 28th from Valiant Entertainment. Here’s a sneak peak:

sw_001_cover-a_allensw_001_001 sw_001_002 sw_001_003 sw_001_004 sw_001_005 sw_001_006 sw_001_007

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