Is DC To Make Dark Knight Returns Part Of The Continuity As Well As Watchmen? (Flash #22 Spoilers)

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Okay, with information leaking all over (some of it possibly planted), there is a strange suggestion regarding this week’s Flash #22 and the upcoming Doomsday Clock that may lead in a different direction than we were thinking.

We are not running any pages from Flash #22 (yet). But here are examples from other comics that may suggest where we are going.

Because, yes, obviously, Flash #22 is all about Watchmen stuff. We alluded to that in an earlier article.

But what else? The Blastr article talked about the battered Superman shield. But the way that is revealed seems directly inspired by this page from The Dark Knight Returns.


While this scene from Batman #22 is followed up on, to its logical conclusion.


Which does seem to rather feed into…


Could this be where Dark Days is going after all? Or something else entirely?

More to come, obviously.

Flash #22 is published this Wednesday from DC Comics.


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