Lying In The Gutters – 14th May 2017 – Fricasse of Pepe The Frog



From the afterburn of Free Comic Book Day, to actual armed robberies of comic book stores, it’s been one hell of a seven days….

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Matt Furie Killed Off Pepe The Frog On Free Comic Book Day
  2. The Complicated Shared Custody Agreement Between Marvel Studios And 20th Century Fox
  3. Burning Copies Of Secret Empire On Free Comic Book Day
  4. The ‘Pokémon Go’ Event “Worldwide Bloom” Is A Bust
  5. Why Was [SPOILER] Shown In The Credits Of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’?
  6. Ethan Van Sciver Apologises For Suicide Jibe, Vows Not To Vent On Social Media Anymore
  7. Is Tonight’s Total Divas Finale The Last Time We’ll See Eva Marie And Paige In WWE?
  8. No, 30 Marvel Titles Will Not Be Cancelled Based On April’s Sales Numbers
  9. Mike Mignola Announces R-Rated Hellboy With David Harbour As Hellboy, Directed by Neil Marshall (Game Of Thrones)
  10. Joe Quesada Tells Todd McFarlane – You Swiped The Wrong Person!
  11.  Cattle Prod Incident Involving WWE Superstars Paige And Titus O’Neil Results In Lawsuit
  12. All The Fantastic Four Characters Marvel Comics Restricted Licensing For – And A Few X-Men Too
  13. DC Comics Changed Detective Comics #956 Because Of Spoiler Concerns
  14. Marvel Didn’t Do It, Fake Defenders Image Implies Jessica Jones As Evil Jew
  15. Smallville Actors Get To Grips With DC Comics’ Superman Offices…
  16. Total Divas Stars Brie Bella And Daniel Bryan’s Baby Shockingly Still Not Born Yet
  17. Now Nightwing Gets All Nazi, In DC Future Series, The New Order, From Kyle Higgins And Trevor McCarthy
  18. Owner Of Clint’s Comics In Kansas City, Killed In Confrontation With Armed Robber
  19. The DC New 52 Five Year Timeline Unravels Across Rebirth Comics This Week
  20. Dragon Age 4 Is “Not A Thing” Says Creative Director




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