Thieves Steal Harry Potter Postcard Prequel Auctioned For Charity In 2008

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An 800 word Harry Potter prequel focusing on the relationship between James Potter and Sirius Black was stolen by thieves, according to a report from the New York Times. The prequel, which was auctioned in 2008 for charity and went for 25,000 pounds, was apparently stolen along with some jewelry in a burglary last month, though it’s finally become public now, with the police calling for the manuscript’s return.

Author J.K. Rowling also took to Twitter to ask people not to buy the stolen manuscript on the black market or from an illicit dark magic shop in Knockturn Alley:

As to why the police waited so long to make the burglary public, the Times doesn’t know, but we suspect they had a good lead on the location of the stolen goods and tracked them to a seaside cave, only to find a locket with a note inside reading:

To the Dark Lord

I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real postcard and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more.


That’s our theory, anyway. If you know anything about the stolen manuscript, contact the Birmingham police.

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