Marvel’s Promotional Cosmic Cubes Will Glow In The Dark For Secret Empire #6

Posted by May 12, 2017 Comment

secret_empire_6As Secret Empire sets the good guys and the bad guys on the run to find the fragments of the cosmic cube to change reality one way or the other, Marvel Comics will be supplying comic book stores with free promotional cosmic cubes that glow in the dark.

I remember a comic store employee telling me the first time he closed the store at night after putting the glow in the dark Ghost Rider #15 on display and nearly shat his pants when turning round. Hopefully, this will be a more calming experience for stores.

They will be made available alongside Secret Empire #6, and stores that order 150% of their Secret Empire #2 orders will get two free bundles, or 50 cubes. Order 125% and get 25 cubes.

Or say stuff this tiered ordering, I’ll never sell that many, and pay Marvel money to get the bundles.

Marvel comics do reiterate that “Reality warping capabilities not included.”


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