When Cosplay Surpasses The Film: Meet Mrs. Hellraiser

Posted by May 12, 2017 Comment

Even the most evil among cinema baddies deserve love, right?  Remember when Dracula tried (several times) with his ladies?  How about good ol Victor Frankenstein and his female creations?  Murderous doll Chucky even got himself a wife.

Thanks to the brilliant (and damn talented) minds behind photostudio Horrify Me, we get the next entry into that diabolical love pairing, The Wife of Hellraiser:


Obviously inspiration taken from Clive Barker‘s classic 1987 Hellraiser, photographer Rick Jones captured this sadomasochistic Cenobite concept for this pictorial he calls “The Bride of Pinhead.” International model Lotti Rose and fan Mike Butler took on the roles of bride and monster resulting in this amazing gallery of the most twisted wedding night this side of Persephone and Hades:



Even Clive Barker gave his approval!


These are just STUNNING images, and I would totally watch a film where she shows up to rock ol Pinhead’s world….and or she takes over for him.  You hear that Hollywood?!

If you’d like to see more (and really, who WOULDN’T) check out this behind the scenes video, the rest of the gallery, and NSFW images at Horrify Me‘s website here.

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