Stan Lee To Cameo On Kirby Homage Secret Empire Variant From Marvel For New Comic Subscription Box

Stan Lee To Cameo On Kirby Homage Secret Empire Variant From Marvel For New Comic Subscription Box

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Excelsior, true believers! Stan The Man may not actually work at Marvel comics anymore — he’s actually helping to create a new Marvel for the Asian market as part of the acquisition of his POW! Entertainment by Chinese investment company Camsing International Holding — but he’s always available for cameos. In this case, he’s lending both his name and his image to a new monthly subscription box from Box Boulevard, featuring four Marvel trade paperbacks with exclusive variants “personally curated” by Stan Lee, which also happen to coincide with the comics Marvel is promoting the most right now (Stan is a shrewd curator).

Both old and new comics are said to be featured in the box, though the graphic seems to show mostly new ones, including Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Defenders, one of the RessurrXion X-books, and an Edge of Venomverse TPB.



But that’s not all! If you subscribe for a full year, they’ll throw in “three exclusive Marvel variant [single issue] comics from the original Stan Lee Box” each month that feature Stan Lee cameos right on the cover:


Is that a Secret Empire #1 variant featuring Stan Lee? One which is a clear homage to Jack Kirby’s cover for Avengers #4? What would Kirby say about that, were he around today?

The Stan Lee Comic Box costs $19.95 a month, or 10% less if you subscribe for the year, and should not be confused with the Stan Lee Box (sans Comics), which costs $49.95 bi-monthly, features other merchandise besides comics, and isn’t Marvel-specific. In addition, a statement on from Lee himself indicates that future boxes could feature non-Marvel comics as well, even though the site’s graphics claim “four exclusive Marvel variants” per box:

I am so excited to announce my new monthly comicbook box program for true believers. Our team will be working with many of my favorite publishers to deliver an exclusive comic book experience to doorsteps every month, and I am proud to have a cameo on each limited edition variant cover inside all boxes. Keep reading comic books, True Believers. ‘Nuff Said!

You can find out more here.

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