Never Work In I.T. For Amanda Waller (Suicide Squad And Action Comics Spoilers)

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Those on tenterhooks from last week’s Superman #22’s impersonation of Hot Fuzz will just have to wait to see if any swans get involvd. Don’t worry though, today’s Action Comics #979 assures you that everything will be okay, as the town of Hamilton is in the past and Lois, Clark and Jon move back to Metropolis.


So that all worked out then. And while working at the Daily Planet can be dangerous for all concerned, at least you don;t work in the IT department of Belle Reve for Amanda Waller.


“Is there a problem with that gun, Agent Harcourt?” “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” “Did you actually put bullets in there?”


Seems so. Okay, but a betrayal at the hands of Harcourt, you can’t totally put that down to Waller, can you?


Amanda Waller there. She could have set up hologram tech guys. Or blanks with rigged up blood splatter. Or something. But, you know, Taskforce X is a government body facing cutbacks, it’s cheaper just to get IT replacements on Fiver.

Which does beg the question, who the hell would work for Waller in any capacity?

“Sorry, Miss Waller, the photocopier is jammed, I…” BLAM!

“Miss Waller, the cleaners in Killer Crocs cell are complaining about the…” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Superman #22 also sees the Superman Revenge Squad plan for their next recruit…


.,..General Zod, currently one of the Suicide Squad, and thoroughly controlled by Kryptonite explosive in his brain. So how will the Revenge Squad deal with that?



Looks like Zod has his own plan…


Suicide Squad #17 by Rob Williams, Tony S. Daniel, Le Beau Underwood and Sandu Florea and Action Comics #979 by Dan Jurgens and Patrick Zircher are published today.


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