An Introspective James Gunn Shares Personal Message Thanking Fans For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Support

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As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 heads for a $140 million-plus opening weekend, director James Gunn took to Facebook to send a personal message to fans, supporters, and clickbait websites that constantly monitor his social media feeds for story fodder.

Gunn revealed in the long post:

“When I was young I felt utterly alone, at times to the point of suicidal thoughts. I never felt like I belonged, had an incredibly difficult time connecting to other people and, despite having love around me, I had an impossible time experiencing it, or taking it in.”

But Gunn says he found solace in entertainment.

“I experienced something deeper — the realization that I wasn’t completely alone. Someone out there was as weird and strange and whacked out as I was.”

And so, Gunn says that box office numbers aren’t what matters.

“The only meaning the money holds for me is that I can pay my mortgage, feed my dog and cat, and continue making movies,” Gunn said. “I haven’t worked two and a half years just to watch a string of numbers getting higher.”

Because ultimately, Guardians of the Galaxy is about people.

“They’re a group of heartbroken misfits whose lives have been bereft of tenderness and connection and who have a nearly impossible time trusting themselves or others,” Gunn explained. “But they’re learning, one step at a time. They are me. They are you. We are Groot.”


Gunn concludes:

“I love you all, and I’ll continue being here with you over the next three years as we create Vol. 3. ❤️ James.”

Check out the full post below, and see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters now.

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