See Brian Level’s Art As Captain America’s Old War Buddies Find Out He’s A Not-zi In Secret Empire: Brave New World #1

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You know how the story goes. You fight alongside your ally against the Nazi menace during World War 2, he gets frozen in ice, yadda yadda yadda, now he’s a Nazi himself. Excuse us, we mean a Not-zi, because Hydra aren’t Nazis. That’s what the Golden Age heroes in the “essential” Secret Empire tie-in series Brave New World will have to deal with when the series launches on June 7.

In addition to that main story by Paul Allor and Brian Level, there will also be backup stories by the likes of Jeremy Whitley, Nick Kocher, Diego Olortegui, Will RobsonTana Ford, and Juan M. Frigeri. Marvel has revealed two pages by Level from the first issue, both pencils alone, and inked. Check ’em out below:

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Level also spoke a little bit about how Cap’s old war buddies will react to learning he’s now a Not-zi:

I think there’s a certain amount disbelief. Toro and Hammond, they’ve escaped [Hydra] but it’s almost as if they’re experiencing it in third person. They still speak with a familiar optimism and idealism even when the chips are falling into the sewer.

Namor on the other hand, doesn’t give much in the feelings department. He’s still the cold, straightforward, rude boy that we all know and love. Namor clearly has a lot of gears turning beneath the surface and when all that bubbles up it’s likely to get…interesting.

The first issue will be in stores June 7, and it will ship twice monthly for #3.99.

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