Pokémon Go’s Latest Event Has Made Grass Type Pokémon More Common, But Aren’t Affecting Rare Pokémon’s Appearance Rates

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The newest event in Pokémon Go will see a rather notable rise in grass type Pokemon on the game’s servers. So if you’ve been wanting to catch any grass type Pokémon, well, now’s your chance.

The game’s developer, Niantic Labs, has announced that its latest Pokémon Go event will commence this weekend.  The event has been dubbed the ‘Worldwide Bloom’ and will run for the weekend and finish on May 8. To increase your chances of finding as many grass Pokémon as possible, Niantic announced over Twitter that Lure Modules will last for six hours over the course of the weekend.

Unlike the water event earlier this year, Niantic did not hint at any rare Pokémon being more readily available during the event and instead just encouraged players to share their findings on social media. Since the event has already started, it looks like there isn’t anything particularly noteworthy in the rare Pokémon arena, but players have noticed an increase in Chickoritas, their evolutions, Exeggutors, and Scythers in game.

So nothing ultra rare, but it should help you fill out your PokéDex a bit more evenly.

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