Welcome Foolish Mortals…A Possible Haunted Mansion Restaurant In The Works?

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I love the Haunted Mansion. I’ve talked about the original Disneyland ride before, but truth to be told my heart lays with the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World located in Orlando Florida. I’m clearly not the only fan of the ride, and recently Disney sites from all over have been buzzing with rumors about a possible Haunted Mansion themed restaurant. While it’s just a rumor for now, it’s a delicious one to think over. Disney has started to capitalize on the Haunted Mansion fandom but offering more merchandise, a Memento Mori store in WDW, a fairly recent comic book, and more. If this happens I predict it would happen within the next 5-7 years when Magic Kingdom gets another refurbishment.


There are some issues Disney would face with this restaurant. For one, placement. Liberty Square is pretty dense and doesn’t have much room. Imagineers could develop behind the Mansion, since according to this map there is room. I even drew you a handy red circle to show where the Mansion is.


And while the theme of the ride is amazing, could it work for a sit down restaurant? I’d like to think so, but would your typical American family be totally on board with a borderline macabre dining experience with less then alive servers? I was just on the ride 2 weeks ago with an 8 and 14 year old, and both of them were terrified of the ride. They both clung tome for dear life. I’ve heard and seen other (younger) kids genuinely scream and beg to get off the ride, so I doubt they would be ok with a restaurant based off of this already terrifying thing.

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