Camping Out Overnight In Line For FCBD At Third Eye Comics In Annapolis, Maryland

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If you’re at Bleeding Cool, then you’ll most likely be checking out tomorrow’s Free Comic Book Day event at your local comic book shop. My local shop, Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland, always promises to have one of the best events in the state, and every year they really do go above and beyond! I stopped by the store tonight while out and about, and at 8:30pm, Steve Anderson (owner of Third Eye) estimated that there were already 110 people in line!






The first person showed up in line on Wednesday afternoon, and has been camped out there since. While I was there, staff was giving away raffle prizes, sunglasses, and movie posters. Seriously, I scored a pair of sunglasses and a Wonder Woman poster. The festivities kick off at his store at 9am tomorrow, and I can’t wait to grab what books I can!


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