10 Things I Can Tell You After Reading Secret Empire #2 And #3. Oh And Uprising #1 (SPOILERS)

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Secret Empire #3 has only just gone to the printers. But somehow I’ve managed to read it, as well as issue #2. Oh, and Secret Empire Uprising #1 while I was at it.

I have been very kindly asked not to spoil any reveals until the books have actually been published. And since I was asked so nicely, and it hasn’t gone up on Reddit or anything, I am going to comply with that request.

So what can I tell you? Titbits maybe, intriguing possibilities, things to consider. I’m not sure. Let’s find out.

  1. Issue 2 ends with a twist challenging the reading public’s interpretation of the entire series. It all depends on your view over what’s going on. And there will be multiple interpretations. But that will be a matter for debate. It is also possible if that event had been seeded more strongly earlier in the Captain America run that there would be a lot less fuss right now. But that will be a matter for debate.
  2. Issue 3 makes it slightly clearer, but hardly crystal. But there will still be debate.
  3. The big division in Secret Empire #2 is between the surviving heroes those who want to go on a quest to reassemble the cosmic cube to change reality, pursued by Hydra who want to do the same  – and those who want to kill Captain America. At least they don’t go to war with each other over it though.
  4. Rocket Raccoon uses the name “Stevil” for Captain America.
  5. Yes, they have Hydra Youth.
  6. You should google for “Overton window” before reading issue 3.
  7. And read this page of Dazzler #21 from 1992 before reading Secret Empire: Uprising #1… A little girl on sunlit lawn…dazz-sing-2
  8. You won’t find out any more about what happened with Scarlet Witch, the Vision or Deadpool to make them Hydra Avengers. But the Free Comic Book Day issue might give you a hint.
  9. Issue 3 ends with a familiar Marvel hero declaring themselves to be Hydra. No brainwashing, no fluoride in the water, but it makes a lot of sense.
  10. The Freelancers are back.

Damn. I’m going to have to wait ages for Secret Empire #4 now…

Secret Empire #2 by Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino is out on May 17th. Secret Empire #3 by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino and Rod Reis is out on May 31st as is Secret Empire: Uprising #1 by Derek Landy and Joshua Cassara.

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